why use profit first in your business

6 Reasons to Use Nourish Your Numbers


With 20+ years experience in helping businesses to better manage their money and understand where money flows in their business, Tracy is perfectly placed to help you put Profit First.

experts in profit first and profit keeping solutions

Expertise that perfectly aligns with our passion

We work with solopreneur women in business to help them grow their business or team. We help clients to better understand their finances and long-term financial management. We provide valuable information you can implement yourself.


Profit Keeping

Our bookkeeping experience coupled with our certification as a Profit First Professional allows us to offer profit keeping services and packages. Prepare to always make a profit in your business

implement efficiencies

We learn how YOUR business operates so we can find and implement efficiencies specific to your processes and procedures. You’ll be operating at the most optimal place for your business.



We prioritise professional development so that we are always across best practice and Government rebates. You’ll be working with a financial professional who knows what they’re talking about


open door policies

Our packages are completely transparent with no hidden fees. We are responsive, open, honest, and knowledgeable. And our open-door policy means you can contact us at any time.



We meet you where you are. Your money management requirements are unique to your business. Our Profit Keeping packages are versatile and include only the elements you require.



We are a certified member of an exclusive group of Profit First Professionals who are trained in implementing a profitable money management methodology into businesses.

working with us

A 3-Step Process to Benefiting from Profit First

From our first phone call to guiding you towards your financial freedom, everything you experience at Nourish Your Numbers is a personalised approach. We keep you on track to remain profitable and help guide you along the way to seeing Profit First successfully implemented into your business processes and mindset.

1. schedule a call so we can get to know your business

We look at where you are now, what your challenges and concerns are, and what you want to achieve, through Profit First. We look at the impact the implementing Profit First into your business will have.


2. receive your personalised game plan

We gather information and analyse your financials and research simple ways to reduce spending to make the quickest impact. We use this to develop a personalised game plan and set percentages that suit your business.

3. Remain profitable and manage your cashflow

We’ll implement your personalised game plan and set up processes to transfer cash into new accounts. We’ll provide guidance & mindset tools stay accountable. You’ll be on your way gaining control of your finances again.

ACCREDITATION and associations

Trusted by many

Tracy Brockhoff PFP MYOB Certified Consultant
Tracy Brockhoff PFP SAW Member
Tracy Brockhoff PFP Pure Bookkeeping
Tracy Brockhoff Certified Advanced Profit First Professional
Tracy Brockhoff PFP Xero Silver Partner Badge
Tracy Brockhoff PFP Kingston Connect Member
Tracy Brockhoff PFP Certified and Accredited BAS Agent

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