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Profit First is a world-renowned money management methodology developed by Mike Michalowicz. As a certified Profit First Professional, we can help you gain control over your finances

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A World-Renowned Methodology

Based on the world-renowned and hugely successful book by Mike Michalowicz, the Profit First money methodology works to create ongoing profitability in your business.

We support you by first undertaking an assessment of your business’ current financial position.

We’ll work with you to understand where you are now and where you want to take your business.

When we know the gap that you have to bridge, we can use our tools and specialised know-how to set up your accounts and processes to prioritise profit in your business.

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Getting To Know Your Business

Start with a profit first assessment

Reveal opportunities to maximise profit with a Profit First Assessment

We begin by assessing your business to find it’s hidden potential for profitability. We call this our Profit First Assessment. It is a report that outlines your historical, current, and anticipated financial performance of your business. In the assessment, we’ll identify our current allocation percentages (CAPs) and target allocation percentages (TAPs) which play a very big roll in helping you see and sustain long-term profitability in your business.We’ll also discuss your assessment and prepare for the next phase in your Profit First journey.

set profitability goals and targets with a planning session

Choose to self-implement Profit First

We work through an in-depth Profit Planning session for implementing Profit First in your business. You will be able to use this plan and the tools provided for self implementing Profit First or we will use it for the basis of on-going mentoring and support. You’ll receive a Preparing for Profit First Spreadsheet and a Profit First Allocations Calculator. We’ll talk through your plan in a 1-1 hour long Zoom meeting.

experience real financial freedom and success with support 

Ongoing accountability support when you need it most

The Profit First Assessment performs the basis of your journey towards financial freedom. Your Plan helps you assign goals and targets and take steps to achieve success.

But what if you stumble along the way?

Learning how to undo years of financial decisions that didn’t put profit first in your business can be heavy going. That’s why we’re here to provide ongoing support. We provide you with the tools, methods, and accountability needed to change your habits and guide your business to higher levels of profitability.

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Make Your Own Opportunities

Profit First is a money management system established by Mike Michalowicz. It is designed to work with your natural tendencies, instead of against them.

There are 4 main principles at the core of the Profit First money management system. Once you have these imbedded in your business, you’ll start to see profit first.

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